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Will Santa Clara Home Values Rise Thanks to Levi's Stadium?

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In just a few weeks, the nation's eyes will turn to Santa Clara and Levi's Stadium for Super Bowl 50. But the area's newfound celebrity won't necessarily be good news for the owners of homes near the stadium. Real estate website Trulia looked at the home values in neighborhoods around NFL stadiums and found that new stadiums—like Levi's, which opened last year—didn't raise home values in surrounding areas.

Trulia found that of the five stadiums that have opened in the past 10 years, none increased the home values of the neighborhoods surrounding them. Levi's Stadium was excluded from the results since it just opened, but for now home values around Levi's are 4.1 percent lower than they are in other parts of the region. In stadiums that have been open longer, home values around the stadium tend to be higher than those in other parts of the region, but it's unclear if the stadium plays any role in those values.

· Field Position: Does an NFL Stadium Boost Your Home Value? [Trulia Blog]

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