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El Niño Starts the Week on a Bad Note, Plans to Revisit Friday

El Niño slammed the Bay Area this morning, tying up traffic, flooding roads, delaying flights, and causing general mayhem. A Greyhound bus was in a major crash on northbound 101 in San Jose, but it's unclear if weather conditions were a contributing factor. Two people died in the accident. According to the San Jose Mercury News, there were in the neighborhood of 40 accidents reported to California Highway Patrol this morning. Meteorologists are predicting another winter storm performance on Friday, but there's a chance it won't be a repeat. This one could be worse.
CHP is reporting that it will take up to eight hours to clear the debris from the deadly bus crash.

Meanwhile, Mike Nicco of ABC 7 is reporting that the storms have moved past San Francisco and flood advisories here have expired. Solano County is under a flood advisory until 4 p.m. He says there are still delays of up to 90 minutes at San Francisco International Airport.

The risk of more flooding may be gone, but the water is not. This footage comes via NBC Bay Area news, and it is a scene repeated on many streets in the region.

According to the SJMN the forecast calls for a new round of storms to hit Thursday night or Friday, and could bring a half-inch of rain to the area.

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