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What's Going on With the Castro's Former Home Restaurant?

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It's been nearly a year since we've heard anything about the site of the former Home restaurant in the Castro. A 60-apartment development from Brian Spiers was planned for the site, but the last we heard there was no official timeline for the project. Now, Hoodline reports that there is a planning hearing on the books for February 4, and there have been some changes to the plans since we last checked in.

One of the biggest changes is an increase in the number of units from 60 to 62. The commercial space size has also been knocked down to 2,600 square feet, with plans to put a restaurant in on the ground floor. There's no mention of onsite car parking in the latest plans, although there would be bike parking. There's still no official timeline attached to the project, but perhaps things will become a little clearer following the upcoming city hearing. For now, the Home restaurant building remains blighted and graffitied despite its prime location next to the Church Street Muni station.

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