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Did City Leaders Fumble the Super Bowl Deal with the NFL?

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A new budget report from a city analyst says San Francisco will shell out $4.8 million to host Super Bowl 50 festivities while Santa Clara (home of Levi's Stadium and the game itself) will pay exactly $0.00. According to a San Francisco Business Times report, the Peninsula city's costs are being completely covered by the NFL Host Committee. The revelation has some crying foul, but is it all Monday morning quarterbacking?

According to the SFBT, our neighbor to the south is getting nearly $4 million ($3,597,300) to cover costs. And in fact, the city couldn't foot the bill if it wanted to, given their ordinance mandating that money from their general fund can't be used for stadium events.

Meanwhile, San Francisco's Super Bowl City and other programs and festivities have ballooned to costs of nearly $5 million. The report suggests that negations with the NFL begin immediately.

Supervisor Jane Kim is quoted in the article as saying: "This report confirms my fears: taxpayers are being sacked to pay for a party for billionaires and special interests. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar corporation and can pay for its own marketing and should absolutely reimburse San Franciscans for every single cent."

A representative for the NFL Host Committee told the San Francisco Examiner that SF would make up for the cost of the events through taxes (hotel and sales) and state and federal funds.

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