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Airbnb Could be Moving Into Dolby Labs' Former SoMa Space

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It looks like the former SoMa headquarters of major audio company Dolby aren't going to stay empty for long. Dolby only moved out back in October, when it took over a 1275 Market Street. Now, Airbnb is reportedly in talks to take at least 100,000 square feet of 999 Brannan, Dolby's former home. The lease would give Airbnb both 888 and 999 Brannan, buildings about a block from each other.

Dolby has owned 999 Brannan since 1998, when the company bought the building for $18.2 million. According to the property's leasing website, the distinctive block block facade and central atrium provide the building with natural light. It sits in SoMa at the corner of Potrero and Showplace Square. There are 136 parking spaces in the building, and if Airbnb does move in, they'll be able to put up signage visible to thousands of cars passing by on the adjacent 101/80 freeway.

· Airbnb in Talks to Lease Dolby's Old SoMa Office [SF Business Times]
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Airbnb HQ

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