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Big Bernal Heights House Hits Market, Asks $2.48M

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Bernal Heights and large homes aren't phrases you generally use in the same sentence. But a recently remodeled home has landed on the market this morning with a square footage (3,040) and price ($2.48 million) that's big for the area. The house was sold a couple of years ago for $835,000, and back then it weighed in at just 1,205 square feet. As you can imagine, that adds up to a lot of changes.

We didn't turn up any listing photos from the time of the last sale. But judging from the after photos, the developer went down and pushed back to add extra space for four bedrooms and four bathrooms. From the facade, you can see the lines of the circa 1900 home. But the still-fashionable dark color hints at what's behind the front door: A new modern home.

The three-level dwelling is attractive on the inside, but the outdoor spaces are what really catches the eye. The new roof deck is a chill space that overlooks neighboring roofs and treetops. The backyard's wood fence is broken up by built-in wall planters and the dark pavers are extra large. Together with a fire pit and built-in seating, the effect is of an oasis. And for this super-popular neighborhood, it's a sizable one.

·1669 Alabama Street [Official Site]