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Noe Valley is One of the Best Neighborhoods for Parking in SF

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Every year, San Francisco gets more crowded and city planners seem to discourage car ownership more and more. But there are still some spots in the city where parking isn't such a hassle, and real estate website Trulia partnered with street parking company Parknav to find the best neighborhoods to live in if you own a car. In San Francisco, they pointed to Noe Valley as a neighborhood with decent street parking and plenty of listings with private parking, while things were tougher in places like Sea Cliff, Potrero Hill, and the Mission.

It wasn't a surprise to see that busy downtown neighborhoods like SoMa, the Financial District, and Nob Hill were tight on parking, but more distant neighborhoods like Bayview and Ingleside are also short on room for cars, both on the street and in apartment rental garages. Some neighborhoods like SoMa and Mission Bay that struggled for street parking had lots of garage spots to rent. The worst places for garage rentals included the Lower Haight and Hayes Valley, Haight Ashbury, and the Tenderloin.

· Best and Worst Places for Renters to Park in the Big City [Trulia]

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