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Farmhouse Fixer That Raised Its Price Puts It Right Back Down

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Last fall, a big fixer farmhouse at the edge NoPa took an unusual pricing tactic: it actually raised its price after a few weeks on the market from $1.295 million to $1.8 million. At the time, the listing agent explained that the owner was looking for above-asking on the original price. He'd received a few offers, but they didn't meet his expectations, so he upped the ask. The house has been bouncing on and off the market ever since, and yesterday it officially lowered its price right back down to $1.275 million

The place is unique, but it's also a true fixer and currently uninhabitable. A ladder leads up to the front door and there are no walls, although there do look to be a few surfboards stashed in one ceiling. The obvious target buyer for this place is a flipper, but it seems as if none were enticed by that $1.8 million ask. We can't wait to see if they'll be back on board at $1.275 million.

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