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Bayview Resident Kristin Trahan Talks About Community

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The People's Guide is Curbed SF's tour of neighborhoods, led by our most loyal readers, favorite bloggers, and other luminaries of our choosing. Have a piece to say? We'll be happy to hand over the megaphone. This time around, we welcome Kristin Trahan, Bayview resident and co-founder of the district's All Good Pizza. The district has just won the Curbed Cup and been named our Neighborhood of the Year.

How long have you lived in the Bayview?
I've live in the Bayview for almost 15 years.

Why did you move there? Do you rent or own?
We own. Initially, we [she lives with her kids and husband Matt Trahan, the other All Good Pizza founder] moved to the Bayview because we were unable to afford housing anywhere else in the city. Even though the Bayview was a stretch for us at the time, I knew relatively little about it other than it was a neighborhood full of beautiful single family homes and nice, wide streets.

What do you like best about the neighborhood?
Bayview is a true community. Neighbors stop to chat. People borrow milk and eggs from each other like they do in the Midwest. Of all the areas I have lived in the city, Bayview feels most like home.

What do you like least about the neighborhood?
The bad perception that the media exaggerates via constant reporting on negative activity. That's not to say there are not problems in the Bayview—there are—but there is an amazing community underneath the negative facade that makes the neighborhood truly unique.

How has it changed since you moved there?
A lot has changed! When I moved here, we didn't even have the T line and were very isolated from the rest of the city. I am seeing the inevitable gentrification that happens to city neighborhoods (particularly in a city as small as San Francisco), and with that, of course, comes many changes, some good, some bad.

Tell us the best places to eat in Bayview?
I love papusas from Las Islets; anything from Auntie April's; Xan's olive bread at Butchertown Gourmet; green chili enchiladas at La Laguna; the delicious food at Radio Africa and so many more, though I am usually stuck eating pizza at All Good Pizza!

Besides your own, what are your favorite shops in the Bayview?
I love our Goodwill; Scrap is amazing; and Building Resources still has some great finds (I love all of the building material/ hardware stores). Flora Grubb is a constant source of inspiration.

Where are the best places to chill and/or experience the outdoors in Bayview?
We love taking our kids and dog to Heron's Head Park, Youngblood Coleman Playground, India Basin/Shoreline Park, and all of the community gardens.

Fill in the blanks. You will like living in Bayview if _______. You will hate it if_______.
You will like living in Bayview if it maintains its beautiful diversity; you will hate it if it loses its beautiful diversity.

Bayview still has a reputation for being affordable. What's your take?
Prices are skyrocketing and our city overall is experiencing a tremendous housing crisis.

Bayview also has a reputation as a high-crime neighborhood. True or false?
Trueish. There is crime all over the city. Do we have less or more? Honestly, I am not sure. I do know that I feel safe living here and while there are changes to be made, I find that my community provides a sense of safety that is important. I also know that we experience many unfortunate loses of young life that I wish didn't happen.

Best kept secret spots in the neighborhood?
Youngblood Coleman Park, Hilltop Skate Park, the barely marked walk around the PG&E plant on the other side of the EcoCenter at Heron's Head Park. Maybe I shouldn't reveal them in hopes of keeping them secret!

Why did you start a business in Bayview?
We started a business here because I couldn't imagine wanting to feed a more deserving, option deprived, underserved, and better community than my own. Though I've wanted to feed people in my own restaurant since I can remember, Bayview really inspired me to pursue my dream and turn my passion into purpose. I also loved the idea that I could do this by sourcing virtually everything from my community.