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Noe Valley's First Flip of 2016 is Four Times Its Old Size

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The first Noe Valley flip of the year has hit the market, and, not surprisingly, it's a big one. The compact Victorian last sold for $1.5 million back in 2014 as a two-bedroom with a retro pink kitchen and just one bathroom. And while it is technically still the same home, nearly everything about it has changed. The biggest upgrade is the quadrupling of the square footage, although the price—which jumped to $3.95 million—has gone up nearly as much.

The formerly plain interiors have now been done up in modern designer style, with dark gray accent paint, retractable glass walls leading to the backyard, and a marble-clad bathroom complete with soaking tub. The renovation isn't as whitewashed and barren as some flips are, and the big square footage keeps the massive price jump from seeming ludicrous.

· 119 Valley Street [Redfin]