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Cow Hollow Mega-Flip Tries Yet Again for $6.995M

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The geometric, marble-clad creation at 1864 Greenwich Street in Cow Hollow stands out in every way, from its facade right on to its wood-accented interior. The house is a mega-flip that was transformed by developer M-Projects from a modest two-bedroom into its current flashy state, which apparently took seven miles of hand-cut cedar to obtain. Buyers, however, haven't been jumping at the chance to fork out many millions for the property. It first hit the market back in April asking $7.495 million, cut its ask to $6.995 million in June, and then relisted without selling. It's now back with new staging and the same $6.995 million price tag.

The new staging is a bit warmer and makes the interiors feel more livable, but it may not solve this home's biggest problem. Although it is located in Cow Hollow, it is far from the tonier Presidio end of the hood and seems out of place among its apartment block neighbors. It also backs up to the exhaust fumes and constant traffic noise of Lombard Street, making all of its outdoor space a tad less appealing.

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