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Home Designed Around Grand Views and Big Yard Asks $4.2M

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It's always interesting when architects design their own homes. Released from client demands, they often come up with great personal expressions. This home, sited high on a hill just beneath Buena Vista Park, was designed by Jonathan Feldman (principal at Feldman Architecture) for his family. The architect created many great features—including a barrel-ceilinged penthouse that overlooks an amazing view.

From the street, the modern nature of this five-bedroom, four-bathroom home isn't immediately evident. The shingled exterior exhibits the same appeal it has likely possessed since it was built in 1927. But look closely, and you see an addition that's sited toward the back. This is where you get the money shots: It's top-floor room with an arched ceiling that directs your eyes to the pulse-quickening city, bridge, and water views. The lower levels contain the kind of rooms modern families crave: An open-plan kitchen, living room, and dining room and a garden-level media room that opens right onto the large yard. With this as an example of Feldman's personal style, we can't wait to see his next house.

· 29 Park Hill Ave. [Redfin]