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Asking Price for Julia Morgan Designed Home Falls Below $1M

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Back in March, the George W. Wilson home, a grand old house at 728 Capitol St. in Vallejo that was designed by architect Julia Morgan, went on the market for $1.2 million. The price for the 3,390-square-foot house has recently been cut to $998,000. We can't find another Morgan house currently on the market, but given that her homes are beloved in this part of the country, it's hard to imagine that you could get a comparable one for less. The San Francisco Chronicle recalls an example from last spring, when a 875 square foot, one-bedroom residence by Morgan sold for $3.7 million. Of course, that residence is located in Pacific Heights, but still ...
Back when we first reported that the house was on the market, we pointed out the beauty of the property. The details include stained-glass windows, Arts and Crafts tiles around the fireplace, and a wood-paneled dining room. A notable element is the Tiffany stained-glass light fixture in the kitchen. The eye-catching glass dome is not original to the house, according to a report in the Times-Hearald News online. According to that article, the piece was rescued by the late owner (Judith Hilburg, a Vallejo community fixture) from another mansion that was being demolished.

In the article, Hilburg's daughter says it was just one of the many loving and thoughtful additions and renovations her mother made to the house. She says that her mother was enamored with the place from the moment she saw it, and spent the rest of her life caring for it. Perhaps the new price will inspire the next owner.

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