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Pricing and Floor Plans Released for Phase II of Potrero's Onyx

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When the first phase of Potrero Hill's shiny white Onyx building launched back in March 2014, prices hovered right around the $1,000-per-square-foot mark, which was pretty standard for new construction in San Francisco at that time. Since then, of course, prices for new condos have shot up around the city, and Onyx's upcoming second release is no exception, with per-square-foot prices starting somewhere around $1,200. Parking for most units costs an extra $40,000. The building isn't super amenity heavy, but many of its 21 condos have outdoor spaces, and all feature touches like NEST thermostats, plank oak floors, radiant heat, and quartz countertops.

The smallest available unit is 706 square feet plus a deck, and it's going for $859,000 without parking, or $1,216 per square foot. The largest is a 1,291-square-foot, two-bedroom with a private terrace, and it wants $1.749 million ($1.799 million with parking), putting it somewhere near $1,400 per-square. HOA dues for the units are generally a bit above $400.

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