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Totally Adorable One-Bed Glen Park Cottage Looks for $479K

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The picturesque little yellow cottage at 409 Miguel Street in Glen Park doesn't quite have a white picket fence out front, but the quaint brown fence that is there is pretty close. Victorian detailing, yellow paint, and a red door make up its tidy facade, and inside everything is just as dollhouse-cute. This one-bedroom is one of four condos in its little cottage building, two of which just hit the market. This, the smaller of the two, is asking just $479,000, making it the latest member of our Under $500k Club.

The living space is tiny but functional, with enough room for a sofa and a small dining table. The kitchen is equally compact but manages to squeeze in a gas stove and a stainless steel refrigerator. Out back there is a courtyard shared with the other units. There's no parking, of course, but compared to other entrants in the Under $500k club, this little cottage condo is positively charming.

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