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Controversial Potrero Complex Cuts Size to Please NIMBYs

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Over the past few years, the flatlands of industrial Potrero Hill have begun to come to life with new offices and housing. That has brought concern from Potrero neighbors who worry about traffic, overcrowding, shadows, and density. One of the most contentious development proposals to date is a plan from Related California to build a rental complex at 1601 Mariposa. As the David Baker Architects-designed project heads toward Planning for final approvals, it has made a number of changes that Related hopes will appease heated NIMBYs and neighbors.

Organized opposition to the development has come from a group known as Grow Potrero Responsibly. The information page of their website features a long, all-caps compilation of their concerns about the project, while the infographic on the homepage tallies up the 1,534 new units and 3,370 potential new residences proposed for their neighborhood.

Related has taken steps to address the group's concerns over impacts on a nearby school, traffic, and affordability.

When the project was first proposed, plans called for 320 units. An initial cut brought that number down to 316, and now another cut has been made to 299 units. That cut will give more breathing room to the adjacent Live Oak School. The percentage of below market rate units has been upped from 14 to 20. Traffic concerns have been addressed by trading out some of the proposed retail space for workspace dedicated to small manufacturers.

1601 Mariposa will head back before the Planning Department for its large project authorization on October 22.

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