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Victorian Triplex Flip Goes Modern, Goes After 3x Its Old Price

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The Victorian triplex that sits on 23rd Street near San Jose Avenue was built way back in the 1880s, and by the time it hit the market last year it was in need of some loving care. No interior pictures are available from that time, but the brokerbabble described the three units as being in very different states: two were move-in ready, while the owner's unit needed to be "totally redone." The flippers who purchased the building for $1.85 million gave it a total overhaul, stripping out the decorative fireplace, period anaglypta, and hardwood floors and replacing them with a lot of shiny white newness. There's a new price, too. The $5.9 million ask is well more than three times the old selling mark.

There are still three units in the place, but it sounds like they aren't in the same configurations as the previous units. The top two floors have become a four-bedroom unit, the lower level is now a three-bedroom home, and there is single-bedroom residence at the back. The new brokerbabble claims that the renovation "preserves the Victorian beauty," but that's only true on the outside of this new Franken-home.

· 3507-3509 23rd Street [Redfin]