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The Colors in This House are Nothing Short of Eye-Popping

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This house first caught our eye because of the street name—it's located at 318 Byxbee St., a stretch of road in Merced Heights that we had not hear of before. But what has us lingering on the photos are the eye-popping colors that are almost startling and (weirdly) kind of work. Whoever lived here had a confident design hand, and even though the rooms are completely empty and rough around the edges, they are fun to view.

Now, let's be clear: This house is a complete fixer (in fact, the listing calls it a FIXER in capital letters to underscore the point). Some of the walls are patched, the kitchen is a time capsule from the 1970s, and there's a huge moon mural on one wall. But there are a lot of things going for this rather ragged home: it's on a large (34 x 100) lot, it's filled with period details (once you look past the colors), and it has ocean views from the upper floor. Add to that an asking price of $699,000 (that's comparably reasonable in this town), and we wager we aren't the only people who take notice.

· 318 Byxbee St. [Redfin]