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Does This Look Familiar? A High-End Airbnb Goes On the Market

If the facade of this Victorian house looks familiar to you, you may have paid to stay in the upper unit or perhaps you've stared at the exterior while stuck in traffic waiting to get on the highway. It's a pair of units at 129-131 Octavia St., the part of the street that's basically a corridor to 101. It's also listed on Airbnb as a rental for a cool $625 per night or $15,000 per month.
Both full-floor units are for sale, although the lower residence is rented for $6,827 per month—which would help defray the $2,798,000 asking price. Like many Victorian homes in today's San Francisco, this one is trad on the outside, mod on the inside. But unlike some updated homes of that era, the current owners have taken pains to preserve and restore original elements such as ornate moldings, marble fireplace surrounds, and antique light fixtures.

According to the Airbnb profile, if you can believe those versions of reality, the home was redone in 2000 by a mother and daughter. If that's the case, then style runs in the family. What appears to be the upper unit is done in shades of white and gray with pops of red and many signature elements (newel post) are left in their natural wood state. Bold wall coverings (a sepia-toned mural behind a bed, bold painted stripes in a bathroom) make what could be staid rooms lively.

· 129-131 Octavia St. [Redfin]