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An Example of Why Everyone Wants to Move to Bernal Heights

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The good weather, great commuting location, and plethora of delightful little cafes and restaurants has made Bernal Heights one of the city's hottest neighborhoods. It's also led to some bidding wars on both humble housing stock and fancy flips. The home at 3215 Harrison St. isn't completely in the modest category, nor is it one of larger modernist dwellings springing up all over the hill. You could best describe this house as exceedingly pleasant.

Let's be clear: Not everyone is a fan of a vintage kitchen, but this home has one that is sweet and well-kept. Pair it with a gambrel roof (a rarity in this town), an appealing courtyard-style garden, and views of the park, the peak of Bernal Hill, and Sutro Tower, and you have a winning combination. The pretty architectural details like an inlaid floor, high wainscoting, and an elegant stair rail make it easy to overlook the more awkward moments (aluminum slider windows on the lower level and some strange built-ins). All-in-all, we're so charmed we are willing to put up with a lack of kitchen counter space.

· 3215 Harrison St. [Redfin]