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Two Homes Flirt with $2M in Sunnyside

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When we wrote about the Sunnyside neighborhood a few months ago, we were looking at homes on the market that ranged from roughly $850,000 to $1,300,000. Clearly, people are catching on that Sunnyside is next door to the ever-more-desirable Glen Park, because the pair homes we are about to tell you about are asking for approximately $1,400,000 and $1,800,000. Both are open this weekend.

↑ If you didn't see the address of this house at 669 Hearst Ave., you might guess that it stood somewhere in Noe Valley. Its level of finish and detail (expansive open plan, high ceilings, marble tile, high-end appliances, nicely landscaped yard, and two-car garage) would make it fit right in the 94114. But we are willing to bet that those amenities paired with its size (2,536 square feet, four bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms) would fetch quite a bit more than its $1,799,000 listing price. In fact, this price reflects a cut.

↑ The other house is at 179 Flood Ave. and it's one of those that's traditional on the outside, modern on the inside. The scale of this home doesn't appear to be as big as the Hearst Ave. property, and the listing coyly omits its square footage. However, it does have four bedrooms and four baths, so it's likely not all that small. It looks like the remodel dollars were spent in the kitchen, where a Bertazzoni range is front and center amid modern tile and sleek cabinetry. There are also two master suites, one with a rain and waterfall combo shower head. There's a pretty lawn (covered with ever-green faux grass) with a come-hither trellis and banquette off the family room.

With homes like these, prospective buyers who aren't familiar with Sunnyside will be consulting the map.

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