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SF's Smallest "Apartment" for Rent is Just 132 Square Feet

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Earlier today, we showed you the luxe San Francisco apartments that $10,000 per month will rent. Now, we bring you the other end of the rental spectrum.

A $900 studio anywhere within the city's borders has to be a great deal, no matter what the apartment is actually like, right? Not exactly. The 132-square-foot "in-law studio" up for rent in the Outer Sunset right now is without a doubt one of the most depressing apartments we've ever seen. The twelve-foot by eleven-foot room seen here doesn't have anything resembling a kitchen. There is a microwave sitting on top of a set of drawers and a bar fridge. No stovetop, no counter, no place to store anything to eat at all. And the listing makes it clear that whoever rents this place will have no access to the main house's kitchen.

The "studio's" furnishings are equally horrible, with twin bunk beds, a folding chair, a desk, and what appears at first glance to be a bookshelf. But with no shelves, it is more likely a stand-alone closet. The upside? There is laundry that the occupant is allowed to use, and free WiFi is available. But no overnight guests are allowed, meaning that the person that chooses this living situation could have a lot of lonely nights in this little dungeon.

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