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Plans Filed for New Housing at Shuttered Van Ness McDonalds

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The McDonalds on Van Ness Avenue has been sitting abandoned and boarded up since January, surrounded by a chain-link fence. Given the surge of new development along Van Ness that is turning it from a drive-through wasteland into a redevelopment hotspot, there was no way that the site would stay vacant long. Plans were filed late last week for a nine-story residential building that would hold 150 units, many of which would be studios. There would also be one- and two-bedrooms, and a set of two-story townhouses along Elm Street. The design features two towers that would be connected by air bridges.

The building would get a distinctive terraced design so as not to throw shadows on the adjacent Tenderloin Community School's outdoor recreation areas and roof levels. According to the preliminary project assessment, significant outreach and design development efforts have already taken place and the school has already approved the current design. the Bay Area Women's and Children's Center, a community organization with close ties to the school that initially raised concerns about the project, has "communicated to the project sponsor that the current proposal is a workable scenario in response to their concerns." Outreach efforts to the school community and the BAWCC will be ongoing. The developer has also agreed to keep the building at 100 feet, a height that is 30 feet lower than current height limits, to avoid impacting the school.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly stated the the Tenderloin Community School had already approved the development plans. We have updated this article to state that the Bay Area Women's and Children's Center, an organization with close ties to the school, has communicated that the current scenario is workable. We regret the error.

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