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Bring the Tudor Indoors at This $6.995M Broadway Home

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The last time the five-bedroom Tudor home at 2470 Broadway in Pacific Heights sold, the year was 1976 and the price was just $176,000. Times have, of course, changed, and the home just came back onto the market looking for $6.995 million. It's certainly not the fanciest home on Broadway, but it does have some very unique spaces. The most notable of these is a two-story glass solarium that looks out from its Broadway perch to the Bay. Glass doors open up from the terrarium onto a back terrace with the same striking views.

There are several "normal" bedrooms scattered throughout the house, but two are especially interesting. A master bedroom has doors that open up onto the top of the terrarium, while a top-level room has interior timbers that are reflective of the home's Tudor exterior. Although this room is staged as a bedroom, its glass French doors and shape suggest that it may be better used as another living space. A small back garden, a two-car garage, and a chef's kitchen are more traditional features.

· 2470 Broadway [Official Site]