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Fancy Flip in Corona Heights Nearly Quintuples Price to $4.995M

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Technically, the four-bedroom home at 34 Levant Street in Corona Heights was built back in 1953, but we're pretty sure that what was built back then looked very little like the modern manse that inhabits the property today. Flippers purchased the place back in 2012 for $1.1 million and set about reimagining it into the sleek but soulless house that just hit the market asking $4.995 million, nearly five times its last sales price. No photos of the home in its pre-flip state remain, but it is now exactly what you would expect from a redesigned house asking such a big price.

From the open floor plan to the soaking tub to the Nest thermostats, this house ticks all the big fancy flip boxes. An elevator travels between the three levels, and there are three terraces to use on days that the fog gets stuck up at the top of Twin Peaks. The kitchen opens out onto the nicest terrace, which is surrounded by palm fronds and greenery and looks like a wonderful place to kick back. It's undoubtedly the part of the home that has the most character.

· 34 Levant Street [Official Site]