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Wonderfully Wacky Noe Valley House Looks for $2.995M

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The technicolor dreamhouse at 4280 Cesar Chavez Street certainly won't be every buyer's taste, especially in its current very bright state. From the outside, the home is a dark, almost boring grayish brown that gives no hint of what lies within. But inside, there are fluorescent storage areas, a stainless steel kidney-shaped kitchen island, a bright purple bathroom, and a red spiral staircase that curves down to the equally colorful backyard. Even the fire pit out back is covered in tiles of various shades of blue. The house just came on the market asking $2.995 million.

There are some more conventionally appealing aspects to this three-bedroom house, including the views out across the city's hills, the two-car garage, and the huge wine cellar. The broker babble mentions that a pull-down hatch provides access to the rooftop, but that's not nearly as exciting as the cage-and-pulley system that is apparently a hand-powered dumbwaiter. And the sculpture out back, which moves with the wind, is available to be sold with the house—although we assume it would be an add-on to the asking price.

· 4280 Cesar Chavez [Official Site]