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Stately White Pac Heights Manse Hits the Market Asking $15M

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The big white Georgian home at 2660 Scott Street in Pacific Heights is filled with history and grandeur. It was designed back in 1901 by renowned local architect Arbert Farr for Harry Babcock and his wife Katharine Roosevelt, a cousin of President Theodore. It has had only three owners across all that history. The house boasts seven bedrooms across four levels, intricate detailing throughout, and an elevator that travels between all four floors. This is the first of fall's mega-homes to hit the market, and it is asking $15 million.

The home ranges from elegant in its silk-walled dining room to stately in the library, where stamped leather wall treatments and dark wood paneling provide what the brokerbabble refers to as a "clubby" feeling. The top floor offers up a second living room with a small second kitchen, and the pentroom at the very top provides views across the bay to Alcatraz. Between a rooftop deck and the leafy backyard there is plenty of outdoor space, and a huge garage beneath the garden can hold up to eight cars.

· 2660 Scott Street [Official Site]