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Noe Valley Flip Loses Fake Stone Facade, Gains $3.142M

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Back when 931 Sanchez Street sold for $908,000 in 2012, it was a squat, ugly two-bedroom with just 942 square feet of space and one of those fake-brick exteriors left over from the middle of last century. All of that has, of course, now changed. The former ugly duckling was totally transformed by flippers into a glossy four-bedroom house with an open floor plan, a flat fireplace, and a glassed-in deck. It's not the fanciest flip we've seen, especially in Noe, but that didn't matter to buyers who splurged well beyond the $3.499 million asking price to purchase the house for $4.05 million.

The renovated house is definitely a huge upgrade from its former incarnation, but the one thing that didn't get upgraded was the parking situation. There's still only one spot in the garage, which seems skimpy for a $4 million home. The house does have a wine cellar complete with kegerator, a huge accordion door leading out onto the back patio, and a rainfall shower—basically all the things that a Noe Valley flip buyer dreams of.

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