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Lake District Mummy House Sells for a Whopping $1.56M

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Well, it's official. The totally creepy, rather sad Lake District "Mummy House" (the home where a dead woman's mummified body was found back in April) has sold for $1.56 million, which is more than $500,000 over its $928,000 initial minimum bid price. In addition to the mummified body, this house of horrors was discovered with rats, black widows, mold, and hundreds of bottles of urine inside it, but all of that was removed before the home was put up for sale in June. Initial reports said it went into contract for $1,029,500 shortly after, but the final price turned out to be much, much higher.

When the house first began making headlines, realtor Kevin Birmingham told the Chronicle that the place was easily a $2.5 million property once it had undergone an overhaul. That seemed like a stretch for the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house, but now that we know the purchase price for the unrenovated version, we can easily imagine a $2.5 million home with plenty of flat fireplaces. The upper level is currently unfinished, so whoever bought this place will have room to renovate. We expect to see it back on the market faster than you can say boo.

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