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Stunning Midcentury Hillsborough House Asks $5M

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Location: Hillsborough, California
Price: $5,000,000

When mortician Nicolas Daphne commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build his dream home in a sleepy San Francisco suburb, there was only one problem: His wife. Ever since Frank Lloyd Wright had designed her husband's mortuary office, Virginia Daphne had become increasingly weary of the bullheaded architect. According to Virginia, "He was a charming gentlemen, stubborn as a mule, figured there were no other architects in the world except himself." Taking heed of his wife's advice, Nicholas Daphne chose architect Craig Ellwood instead. An entirely different kind of modernist, Craig Ellwood was the poster-boy for California's particular brand of laid-back minimalism, an internationally acclaimed architect, and a purveyor of Case Study Houses. Also, it didn't hurt that Virginia liked him.

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