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Perfectly Curated Artist's Loft With Bonus Studio Asks $1.5M

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It's quickly clear that the squat gray building at 506-508 Natoma Street isn't any old property. The otherwise drab exterior is accented by a bright yellow door and a bright yellow…ball of yarn? Okay, it isn't literally a ball of yarn, but it's some sort of artistic orb that resembles a kitten's playtoy. Inside, a two bed-room artist's loft and a more reserved studio apartment take up a little more than 2,000 square feet of space. The lofts are up for sale as a pair asking $1.5 million.

The main living space is filled with wood and concrete and art. There aren't a lot of windows, but there is a lot to look at, from a dining area surrounded by curtains to a workspace with shelves artfully built in. The bathroom is just as fancy as the rest of the loft, with red tile, a fascinating sink, and a big stainless steel bathtub. A roof deck surrounded by corrugated siding comes with a hot tub. The space is perfectly curated with pieces of art everywhere, but of course, all that art won't come with the property. We can't help but wonder what this unique property will look like when its a bit more stripped down.

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