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Inside an Iconic Sea Cliff House on the Market for $6.68M

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Late last week, we got word that the home at 555 El Camino Del Mar was going on the market for $6,680,000. Today, we take you inside a house that many know from the outside.

This block of El Camino Del Mar is not as photographed as the row of Painted Ladies on the east end of Alamo Park; but it's up there. The street slopes gently down toward the Golden Gate Bridge, which makes it the definition of a postcard view. (It's also the definition of the street, since El Camino Del Mar means "the road to the sea.")

On this well-known block, 555 El Camino Del Mar stands out as a more modern home than it's classic Mediterranean-style neighbors. Reading the details, you get the feeling it started out looking more like the houses on either side of it. The home was built in 1924, but underwent a remodel in 1997 that lasted three years and cost in excess of $4 million. We are guessing that's when the home gained its distinctive facade with metal detailing and an arched roofline.

Given those elements, you might expect a modernist interior. But this home embraces classicism and luxury. The list of amenities is extensive, but you can sum it up by saying views, four en-suite bedrooms, five marble bathrooms, large kitchen, gym, and wine cellar.

The water scenes from nearly every room are impressive, but for the ultimate visual experience, the listing promises easy roof access for a 360-degree views.

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