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Hayes Valley's Beer Garden Could Get Extended Lease Before Becoming Housing

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The 5,000 square foot patch of land owned by the city that holds Hayes Valley's Biergarten has always been earmarked for housing. The beer garden, which is now extremely popular, was part of the Proxy development meant to make temporary use of the land until it was sold to a developer. But now, according to the San Francisco Examiner, the director of the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development and Real State has put his support behind a five-year lease extension for the beer garden while other surrounding parcels are developed.

The Biergarten parcel is one of 22 that were opened up after the old Central Freeway was torn down in 1992. Those parcels have been developed over the past 23 years into new housing like 450 Hayes, the development getting ready to open up for sales, and last year's Stanley Saitowitz-designed 8 Octavia. Most of the parcels have only enough room for small developments, and the Biergarten Parcel is no exception. It would hold no more than 15 units of housing, according to the Examiner. Another Central Freeway parcel that has already gone to developers could offer a beer garden alternative: plans from Linden Partners for Parcel T call for a ground-floor beer hall in their upcoming development.

Not everyone agrees that the lease should be extended. Harvey Rose, Budget Analyst for the Board of Supervisors, supports the sale of the parcel for market-rate housing development. For now, a vote on the sale has been postponed in order to resolve the issue.

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