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Grand Old Presidio Heights Home Snags $2.5M Over Asking

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When the four-bedroom house at 3621 Washington Street in Presidio Heights hit the market in July, it flew under the radar. The house featured a grand curving staircase and a prime location, but the only bathroom pictured in its listing photos was dated. The kitchen wasn't even shown, so we can only imagine that it needed some work. The home was asking $4.995 million, but buyers were willing to offer up much, much more. The house, which was sold unstaged, officially sold late last week for $7.5 million, a huge $2.505 million over asking.

The home has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 3,650 square feet of space, meaning that the final selling price came in at $2,055 per square. It is extremely elegant throughout, and its best features, like floor-to-ceiling windows, were shown off by the lack of staging furniture. Before last week, the home hadn't changed hands since 1973, when it sold for a mere $125,000.

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