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Modern Masterpiece on Potrero Hill Reduces Price to $3.395M

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Potrero Hill is a great location for many reasons: wonderful weather, nice views, easy highway access, and cute shops and restaurants. For those reasons, it's recently been one of the hotter neighborhoods in terms of real estate sales. That's why it makes you wonder when you see a beautifully done modern home come back on the market at a reduced price (the listing says it's reduced by $400,000). In the last few years, these kinds of homes have been springing up all over what was once called Goat Hill. But this one at 1218 Mariposa is particularly well done.

Read any listing for a Potrero Hill property, and you are likely to see the phrase "easy highway access." (In fact, it's in the first sentence of this post.) Anyone who has ever commuted to Silicon Valley knows the advantage of a Potrero Hill location. These days, it can save you a half hour (or even more on a bad day) if you are headed south. In this case, the highway may be a bit TOO easy to access from this house. It's a little less than three blocks from 280, and you know how sound does travel.

But with architecture and finishes like this, not to mention a killer view, a person might be able to convince herself that the distant roar was the ocean. The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath home has four levels, walls of glass that open to a lovely garden and decks, and a luxe shower we would like to try out. And if you are driving into work (and here you might not need to, since the Caltrain Station is right over the hill), there is a two-car garage.

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