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Fairy Tale Home Seeks Family for a Happily Ever After

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The home at 4376 21st St. looks like it's right out of a beloved children's book. The charm starts at the bright red front gate and continues through the wrap-around green yard and up to the big white house. Of course, charm comes at a price. In this case, it's $1,999,000.

Let's start with that remarkable, oversized lot and wraparound garden. This is something you simply don't see in San Francisco very often. The listing states that there's expansion potential; but the site is so special, you can't help but hope the new owners leave it alone. Large French doors allow residents to access the lot from two sides of the house, and the fact that it's perched on a corner and outfitted with those doors, a bay window, and a large front deck mean the rooms are flooded with light.

The house was built in 1898, a fact that's evident in its high ceilings and moldings. There are nice southern views from the upper floor, which has three bedrooms. Couple that with the fact that there's a family room on the lowest level, and you have a home where you can almost anticipate the sound of future children laughing. And in such an idyllic setting, why wouldn't they be cheerful?

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