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Inside the Flintstone House: More Spectacular Photographs

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Last week, we reported that the Flintstone House hit the market for $4.2 million. This week we take you inside the unique Hillsborough home, and it's more spectacular than the initial teaser photographs we obtained from the listing agent suggest.

The photos featured in the listing for the home at 45 Berryessa Way get up close and personal with the details: rustic, sprayed concrete walls; an orange-and-purple conversation pit in front of an arched fireplace; rough round windows that overlook highway 280; and (perhaps in a nod to the house's nickname) a stone pit that's home to two toy dinosaurs. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house is 2,730 square feet. The listing describes the property as "an amazing opportunity for buyers who appreciate the architecture and design." Back in the 1960s, Fred Flintstone clearly appreciated his home when he said: "In my cave, I reign supreme." Now, for the first time in 19 years, you have the same chance.

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