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With New Housing Looming, Flax Art & Design Plans Its Move

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It has been more than a year since the first rumors emerged that a housing development was headed for the mid-Market site of long-standing art supplies store Flax. At the time, owner Howard Flax vowed to find a new space for his business. He has now found not just one but potentially three new sites, making this a rather rare win-win story in San Francisco's frenzied real estate market. While Flax's Market Street store will close in February to make way for 162 new housing units, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that a new Flax will open in Building D at Fort Mason and negotiations and underway for another space closer in size to Flax's current 20,000 square-foot store.

The new Flax space at Fort Mason will cater to local artists and will make use of the walkway out front on nice days. Howard Flax told the Chronicle that Presidio Development Partners, the developer behind the Market Street housing, was an extremely helpful partner to him in finding new space. Flax's old home will be demolished to make way for a nine-story, 85-foot tall building that will have 123 parking spaces and 4,500 square feet of commercial space. Architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz is currently on board to design.

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Fort Mason

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