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For Only $7.3 Billion, We Could Build a Giant Wall Around Burning Man

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Finally, a giant wall project that we can all get behind: the fine people at Cultivated Wit just launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a giant 300-mile wall around San Francisco during Burning Man, keeping anyone who attends the festival locked inside forever. They estimate that they could make it happen for a mere $7.3 billion.

The whole thing is, obviously, a joke (Cultivated Wit is also the team behind the fantastic Comedy Hack Day, which produces apps like this one) but it's a great joke, and the "MegaGoGo" page is filled with hilarious stuff—for $100, you can get an "I [wall] SF" tee-shirt, the twist that the community coming together to build a wall would essentially turn into another Burning Man, etc.

We'd buy one of these shirts. Not for $100, but still >>