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Eichler With Its Own Midcentury Soundtrack Asks $1.199M

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Sitting atop Diamond Heights is a cluster of 100 Eichler homes built in the early 1960s, when they sold for prices between $34,950 and $36,500. Now, those same Eichlers change hands for millions. The latest Diamond Heights Eichler to hit the market is a four-bedroom that 72 Amber Drive. And while it isn't as meticulously or recently renovated as the nearby Eichler that just sold for $2.125 million, it does retain plenty of its original Eichler characteristics, from the glass walls to the big fireplace and the plank ceilings. Like many Eichlers, this one opens up onto a back courtyard surrounded by trees. It's on the market for $1.199 million, although that price is surely well below what it will actually sell for.

According to sellers Steve Freitag and Jack Garceau, the house was last renovated in the 1990s, when it received an extended breakfast island and a secret wet bar room behind the coat closet. They moved in back in 2001 and embraced their home's midcentury feel, even creating a series of homemade CDs that they called "Music for Your Eichler Home." The music ranged from surf instrumentals and bossa nova to Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass. They have now moved to Palm Springs and say that the music still works there, but wrote in an email: "And yet, haring Henry Mancini's 'Something For Cat' or Sergio Mendes' 'Mais Que Nada' is alway going to remind us of sitting under the George Nelson bubble lamp in our Diamond Heights dining room, sharing cool retro dishes like chicken tetrazzini and Nesselrode pie with our chums. Yeah, we were that into it." Hopefully they'll pass along those soundtracks to the new owner of this cool old house.

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