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Mapping UFO Sightings All Around the Bay Area

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According to a new map that compiles more than 90,000 UFO sightings across the United States since 1905, there have been just two sightings within San Francisco's city limits during that time. Back in 2000, six people reported seeing a circular object with a turquoise hue, but it turns out that they may have just been witnessing a missile launch out of Vandenburg Air Force Base. Three more people reported a fireball out over the Pacific Ocean back in 2011. Although San Francisco itself has been fairly quiet on the UFO front, there have been plenty of UFO reports around the Bay Area over the past hundred or so years, especially in the East Bay.

Discs, cones, circles, and cylinders have been reported up in the sky from people in Castro Valley up to Richmond over the past few years. Many of the sightings have been reported by four or five separate people, and most have no explanation attached. And although the East Bay seems to be the Bay Area's hotspot for sightings, there have also been plenty that range from the Peninsula down to San Jose, and the biggest was in Palo Alto in September 2002. Although one eerie report from that sighting describes a glowing, spinning neon orange saucer, it too was apparently a missile test from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

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