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Lower Pac Heights Flip Loses Period Details, Adds $1.888M

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Back in 2013, a tall, classic Victorian on Bush Street in Lower Pacific Heights struggled to find a buyer. The house hadn't been updated since 1948 and underwent two price cuts before finally selling for $1.492 million in cash. Although no interior pictures from that time remain, an agent from real estate company Redfin who toured the house at the time noted that the "great original details and fixtures could be restored to make this home majestic again." Instead, those details have all been torn out and the house has been left with a new, modern interior and a new $3.38 million price tag.

In place of the vintage moldings and fittings are the features we've come to expect from big, multi-million dollar flips. There is the requisite flat fireplace in the entryway, a completely open floor plan, and a soaking tub upstairs. Fancy light fixtures abound. The square footage has increased from 1,706 to 2,691, although there are still four bedrooms. The price per square foot has also taken a big jump up, from $874 to $1,256.

· 2385 Bush Street [Redfin]