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Life is Sweet on Nob Hill's Pleasant St.; Condo Asks $985K

You could say Pleasant Street is short and sweet. Located at the top of Nob Hill, and just steps from Huntington Park and Grace Cathedral, the block-long byway is lined with charmingly detailed homes. That's where you will find 66 Pleasant Street, an Edwardian condo that's in the heart of the iconic San Francisco neighborhood. The home is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit. It weighs in at 1,159 square feet, but the light and bright interior makes it feel larger.

Maybe it's the original details (neck-high wainscoting, beamed ceilings, diamond-patterned window mullions, and arched doorways) or perhaps is the fact that it's located so close to the old school, blue-blood bastions of yesterday's San Francisco (the Fairmont Hotel, the Flood Mansion, and the aforementioned Grace Cathedral), but there's something elegant and special about this one.

Among the classic features are modern amenities such as a newer eat-in kitchen and a black-and-white bathroom. A small ensuite laundry (staged to double as an office), a tidy pantry, and a small, concrete-covered backyard round out the agreeable picture.

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