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Sweet Alamo Square TIC With No Room for Privacy Asks $499K

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Finding livable properties that qualify for membership in our Under $500K club is getting harder and harder as prices continue to rise, but the just-listed one-bedroom TIC at 931 Fulton Street squeezes in, although just barely. The unit is less than a block from Alamo Square and is well-appointed, with new appliances and a fresh feeling. Its best quality, however, is a big private use deck. The TIC just hit the market asking $499,000.

Although the place is listed as a one-bedroom and does have a space with a bed that is the size of a bedroom, there are no actual walls separating the bedroom from the main living space. It at first seems to be yet another place without a closet, a confusing trend that leaves us wondering where people are storing their clothes and shoes these days. It turns out that there is actually some sort of a closet tucked into the bathroom. That bathroom, by the way, is an ensuite pretty much right next to the bed, reducing the privacy factor of this place even further. But it's cute, and it's under $500,000 (at least until it sells for over asking.)

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