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Silicon Valley Eichler Has Original Details, Asks $1.4M

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This Sunnyvale Eichler has many of the details it sported in 1959, the year it was built—in real estate speak, it's "beautifully maintained." And, to the dismay of the style's purists, that's a rare thing. If you love midcentury modern style and you are sick of commuting on CalTrain or the corporate bus, you'll want to check out 1120 Spinosa Dr.

The house is a coveted Eichler atrium model (the Bay Area-based Eichler Network defines this as a home with an "outdoor area open to the sky and completely surrounded by the house." Read more about Eichler San Francisco history here.

The listing claims the original deets are the Mahogany paneling, stained ceiling, and globe lighting.

But, to our eyes, the kitchen looks like it hasn't changed much since Joe Eichler's modernist ideas were revolutionizing Bay Area development.

Any good Eichler has an immediate connection to the outdoors via walls of glass and sliding glass doors, and this one is no exception. However, this lot has more than its share of wood chips, which is a good thing for the drought season, but probably not what Eichler had in mind when he commissioned those iconic magazine ads showing families cavorting on the patio.

Another feature that's likely original and definitely vintage is the powder blue bathroom (complete with an increasingly rare sky-colored toilet). These bathrooms arouse strong feelings ranging from sweet nostalgia to bitter hatred, so that's likely why the real estate listing remains silent on the subject.

But, if you are looking for a beautifully kept up time capsule (and we mean that in the best way) these period-perfect features are for you. You can compare them to the other Eichlers featured on Curbed SF.

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