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Quirky SoMa Scooter Shop Turned House Asks $999,000

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Even from the outside, 278 Clara Street in SoMa looks unusual. It's hard to tell if the little blue building with a sunburst door and roll-up garage is a residential home, an office, a studio space, or something else. Inside the doors, the place doesn't get any more conventional. The main door leads to an upper level with a big open front room, a master bedroom, and a kitchen. This is almost definitely the home of an artist right now, and there are paintings everywhere, including hanging in the bathroom. Behind the roll-up garage door sits the lower level. Way back in 2004 the building was used as a scooter shop, but it's now all used as livable space. The property is up for sale asking $999,000.

Currently, there are three bedrooms and two houses in the building. It's not entirely clear how it all fits together in its current set-up, but it is clear that there are possibilities for this space. The brokerbabble suggests combining the upper and lower levels, or possibly even turning the building into a multi-unit development. Two parking spots come included, and there's a small outdoor area out back.

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