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Tiny Downtown Unit With a Seriously Mini Kitchen Asks $395K

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It's nearly impossible to find a home in San Francisco for under $400,000 these days, so the minuscule studio at 725 Pine Street that just listed for $395,000 has a uniquely low price going for it. But the size of the unit, which sits in a converted hotel called the Lambourne, still feels more appropriate for short-term accommodation than for an actual residence. No square footage is listed, but it's really, really small. The front door opens up right into what is the only living space, with the bed tucked into one corner, a TV mounted high on the wall, and the bathroom a few feet away. Looking at the space, it's at first unclear where a kitchen would fit.

The kitchenette turns out to be squished into a far corner, and it's even smaller than those in some of the city's most depressing rentals. It is literally the width of a microwave, with a mini-fridge on the bottom. Even the kitchen trash can is of the size more commonly found in a bathroom. The microwave does double as a convection oven, but there's not really any place to prepare food to cook. And, unlike many other very small units around the city, the building offers no common space to escape to. Given its size and downtown location, this place would really probably be best as a pied-a-terre.

· 725 Pine Street #304 [Official Site]