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Mapping Where to Find a Rent-Controlled Apartment in SF

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Renters in San Francisco who are after a rent-controlled apartment should turn their attention to neighborhoods with little or no new construction, according to a new analysis by real estate website Trulia. With 82% of the city's multifamily rental units falling under rent control laws, it's actually fairly easy to snag a rent-controlled apartment in the city. Any apartments built before June 13, 1979 fall under the city's rent control laws, unless they are single-family homes, condos, government-subsidized housing, dorms, hospitals, monasteries, nunneries, or residential hotels with less than 32 days of continuous tenancy. That means that it's possible to find rent-controlled places to live all over the city, but especially in older neighborhoods like the Marina, Russian Hill, and Nob Hill. In these San Francisco neighborhoods, more than 90 percent of multi-family units for rent are rent-controlled.

Neighborhoods like Mission Bay and SoMa that have a lot of new buildings have a much lower percentage of rent-controlled housing. Only 54 percent of SoMa's multi-family units are rent-controlled, and only 29 percent of Mission Bay's multi-family units fall under rent control. In the Central Waterfront - Dogpatch neighborhood, it's only 15 percent. Even in neighborhoods like the Mission (63 percent) and Bernal Heights (61 percent) there is less rent control than there is on the city's older, northern side. There are also neighborhoods like South Beach, where most of the multi-family rentals fall under rent control, but where only 45% of the units in the area land in that category thanks to the high number of condos around. That brings down South Beach's overall percentage of rent-controlled housing into the vicinity of 43 percent.

· A Tale of Two Rent-Controlled Cities: New York City and San Francisco [Trulia]

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