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Diminutive 395-Square-Foot Van Ness Studio Snags $515K

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In mid-July, a compact little studio at 750 Van Ness Avenue came on the market asking $439,000. The studio is really just a long, narrow box, but it does at least have room for a full-sized refrigerator, a stove, and a dishwasher. There's also a spot for a couch, although it really has to sit right across from the kitchen meaning that it's a better spot for watching the refrigerator than television. The apartment sold this week for $515,000, which is a solid $76,000 over asking and $1,303 per square foot.

The little unit does have a washer and dryer installed in a closet, which is nice, but it's unclear if there's any actual closet space available. It certainly does not have a lot of storage options. There's no parking, but the building, which was built back in 2008, is in a transit-heavy neighborhood. One of the best things about the studio are the views of the City Hall dome through its windows, but they are also a reminder of its somewhat gritty location where the Tenderloin meets Civic Center.

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