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A Concord Eichler Looks for Its Second Owner and $607K

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It's not unusual to find a well-kept Eichler tucked away in the East Bay suburb of Concord, where a true Eichler enclave exists, but it is pretty rare to find one being sold by its original owners. The four-bedroom, two-bathroom Eichler at 1237 Lancashire Drive has never changed hands since its original sale in 1964, making it something of a dream home for purists who like their Eichlers untouched. The house boasts an open atrium with a retractable roof at its center, original globe lights, and the framing for the kitchen's original swivel table. The custom midcentury built-ins in its office, one bedroom, and the dining room remain intact. The 2,007 square-foot house is listed by Nicole Collins of 4 Rivers Realty, and is asking $607,000.
The couple that has owned the home for more than fifty years found themselves in Concord after being told that, as Asians, they faced severely limited housing options in Oakland. Joseph Eichler, they explained, "was one of the very few developers who did not place any restrictions on buyers. If you qualified and could afford the payments, it didn't matter if your skin color was white, black, yellow, or purple!"

Through the years, they raised two daughters in the house but made minimal changes to its original condition. The plank ceilings remain unpainted, the big brick fireplace is untouched, and even the red and beige carpeting has an air of the past about it. One surprising element to the home is its big swimming pool tucked into a back corner of the yard. Although pools aren't uncommon in Eichlers, this one is covered in a somewhat unsightly dome for year-round use. That almost definitely won't matter to potential buyers eager to scoop up a piece of California's past.

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